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Was created as a project for own interest, but then I liked the idea of actually having a fully working website.

I decided to go forward, and start selling my Set Top Boxes. This way customers are able to enjoy TV even more by having access to most channels they like for a fraction of what they normally pay for conventional cable tv or dish net etc.

I say it like this because most people pay lots  of money for their satellite TV service and they don’t really watch as much TV as they want, is either because they do not have time or are not able to afford the premium packages of such entities which contain the best TV channels. 

So instead of paying expensive cable bills why not to pay a very lower fraction of what they pay to other services and not get the channels thy like. We will give you access to pretty much all basic, premium, and all major networks and sports for less $. Adult channels upon request.

I have sold previously my items on eBay, and I still do. Although I wanted to sale out of it, since I already had my fully working website ready why not, right?!

All payments are securely processed through PayPal. Which means you do not have anything to worry about. Customers will receive a downloadable digital receipt for every purchase they make here, which can be printed on your side.


This is the stuff we have for sale



Within 3 business days after cleared payment.

Our way to ship your physical items. USPS Priority Mail. Charges may apply based on your items and location.


I am who I am

I can say that I am a good, honest and hardworking individual. I love doing things on my own as I take everything as a training to learn more in Life!

I like helping people no matter who they are, I just want everyone to be OK! I also love going camping, riding bikes, cruising around with the best company I could ever have, my wife. Who I love so much and I wish for her and I to stay together till then end on times.

Right now I work in Accounting, and I am also a part-time collage student, trying to get my dream come true, and become IT Specialist. This is why I am the one doing all the technical work here on my website.

I also like working on computer-related jobs and networks, this is my passion, and also doing Computer Refurbishing as well. (All this are my extra occupations besides my normal job. I will do all I can to get what I want.

This is pure fun for me.

Thank you all for visiting and for your support with your purchases. If anyone wants to ask me about my items, your questions or comments are welcome.

Thanks for visiting us.